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What do those words truly mean to you? Oh I know you’ve read about it in scripture. Over two thousand years ago there were reports by many that I, Jesus the Messiah, had risen from the dead and walked earth in your time. Do you believe this is true?

Then it is reported that I ascended into heaven and that My Father and I sent Our Most Holy Spirit to dwell in the hearts, souls and minds of those who accept the gift of the Presence of Our Mutual Love in their being.

Let Me ask you this? Does this mean that I must stay confined to heaven forever and wait for your time in time to run out and then, seated at the right hand of Our Father pronounce judgment on whether or not you are worthy to be with Me in Life Eternal?

I certainly know the words in Scripture. After all We inspired Scripture. Were these words written to be taken literally or are they written in figurative terminology to give readers a sense of the fact that time will end individually and collectively for each person and for the world?

My friends, if I were to follow the logic that some of your purport I would be a very laissez faire God. Wouldn’t I? Does it make sense that I would live eternity watching your lives being lived as if I were watching a soap opera on television. Please! Give Me more sense than that.

On the contrary, My friends, I am a most aggressive and interactive God as are Our Father and Our Most Holy Spirit. In fact there are times when we do battle with evil at One in The Blessed Trinity.

Now who are We battling? My friends, that’s the Jackpot question! We battle the forces of evil who captured the minds of humanity when they induced the first parents (whether you believe they were Adam and Eve is of no consequence to Us) to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. 

Was there really a Tree of Knowledge? To Our Knowledge We did not create a tree of that genre. No! The Tree of Knowledge represents the fall of humanity to the temptation of false pride wherein they pursued their desire to be Us. Unfortunately for humanity no two objects cannot occupy the same place in space and time. Since We were there first, We had to shake out heads and tell humanity to take a break in time out until they found out that while they are wonderful and beautiful creatures, they are LIKE US! They are not Us.

We relegated humanity to a Universe within which Earth exists. It was not a perfect place as Our Garden of Eden. It was permeated with the foul odor of evil at every twist and turn in the lives of individuals. On top of that humanity found that they were not going to live forever, That certainly was a dramatic shift from Life Eternal in the Garden of Eden.

Lastly, humanity found that there were forces that were totally evil and did their best to cloud their vision of anything but life in the world of man. Humanity went around in circles generation after generation until We freely chose to send Our Son, Jesus, in human form (although He is Divine as well.) to tell mistaken humanity that there is another world that exists and that is a world of Love Eternal in a timeless environment where the Will of God permeates the atmosphere and evil is no more.

Remember! “There will be no more weeping and no more dying!

Let’s get back to the premise that I am to remain in heaven (even though you truly cannot explain heaven) and, if you are extra special good, you can be with Me after you die.

Where is it written that I cannot be aggressive and interactive with each and every souls during their lifetime in the world of temporary so that they can experience internally Truth experientially in the Love that I share in them at teachable moments in their work through time.

Well! I do not wish to break a mirage that has held humanity captive for generations, however the words that We just shared in you are Truth. That is exactly what We do. We find opportune times to enter into the life space of each individual and attempt to establish contact with Our Goodness which is part of their Spiritual DNA. Once We are able to break through then the house of cards built by evil begins to crumble and individuals get glimpses of Truth in Love Eternal experientially.

Once exposed to Our Love experientially the soul and the heart of each person springs into action and awakens the free will to provide it with a different outcome for life in the world of man. Unfortunately, the free will is like a muscle in atrophy. It is limp and flaccid. It need stimulation. Thus, We, Father, Son and Holy Spirit find ways to get the attention of the heart and soul of each person and ask the will, “Are you interested in learning more about Truth?”

Each time the Will responds affirmatively, it grows muscles (figuratively not literally). It enjoys the fruits of its affirmative responses to our question in the form of an inner peace that defies explanation.

Of course, there are many misconceptions about Us, Our Love, Life in Love Eternal, etc. That have to be answered.

We’ll save that discussion for another day.

Are you interested in learning more about Truth?



P.S. Notice We did not once use the word religion. That does not mean that religion is not important to helping souls to salvation. It is extremely

important! In fact, if the Truth is known, religion is the vehicle through which souls are carried collectively home to Our New Jerusalem.

That’s also a subject for another day.

I just think it is about time for Us to clarify some of the misconceptions that humanity follows to help make your transition from temporary to Forever in Love Eternal easier


God gives word gifts.
What I consider His gift began all of sudden in 1998.
I was on retreat and before the Blessed Sacrament.
I wrote the words that formed in me
on my hand held computer.
I have all the words I have ever written.

I did not earn this Gift. 
I didn’t pray for it.
It is just His way of loving me
and having intimate contact with me.

He comes to my consciousness every single day,
sometimes more than once.
He has promised to do this forever.

He tells me that these Words are not just for me.
They are for others as well.

Thus I put then on this web site.


The Words were selected from words received FEBRUARY 2012
Choose them in any order.
There is a word for each day of the month.
I change the words every four weeks.
Click on the week of your choice and read the words day by day.

The words are just as they were heard in prayer.
There are no changes other than spelling corrections.


 Click on the week of your choice and read the words day by day.

The words are just as they were heard in prayer.

There are no changes other than spelling corrections.







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